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Enuma Technologies is a leading software engineering firm
with expertise covering the full blockchain spectrum.

Enuma Security team brings decades of experience in broader security space, focusing on Smart Contract Audit, Wallet Security Audit and Trading Security Audit. Enuma Security is committed to set and keep the highest standard in industry and make the blockchain space safer.


Areas of Expertise

Smart Contact Security Audit

  • Proven track record of high-profile projects
  • Detailed analysis and feedback
  • Most comprehensive set of audit areas
  • Most extensive test coverage
  • Covers both manual and automated testing
  • Standard compliance and best practices
  • Tailored specifically for project teams, exchanges or investors
  • Clients raised over $4bn in aggregate

Wallet Security Audit

  • Wallet app security
  • Wallet backend security
  • Use of hardware wallets
  • Multi-signature wallets
  • Air-gapped solutions
  • Hardware security module (HSM) security

Exchange Security Audit

  • Node security
  • Wallet integrations
  • Key management strategy
  • Hot wallet and cold wallet security
  • Security for identity and use of personal information
  • Digital asset custody governance and integration
  • Exchange API security

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